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As summer comes to a close, fall still presents many weather hazards for your roof. It’s important to know the state your roof is in before seasonal weather hazards further damage an already strained roof. At Phillip Camerer Roofing, we fix all your roof problems. So, here are three fall weather hazards to your roof […]

As the summer comes to a close and days get shorter, now is a great time to consider inspecting your roof. As the fall approaches, the weather will be milder, making it easier to perform any repairs necessary for weatherproofing your roof for winter. Here are some ways to prepare your roof before winter.1. Check […]

Roof sealing problems are quite common following a long period of rain. But they can also become frequent with an old roof. The causes of this kind of problem can be numerous. Water infiltration from the roof can quickly grow over time. When this problem is not fixed quickly, it may result in degradation of […]

Have you been begun to suspect that your roof is ready to be re-shingled? Many homeowners have felt the same way, and it’s not unusual for there to be confusion about how to tell if a roof is in good condition. Below we’ll explain some tell-tale signs that it’s time for new shingles.1. Sagging RoofWatch […]