3 Fall Weather Hazards to Your Roof

philip camerer tornadofeatured image

Posted on September 3, 2021 by Phillip Camerer

As summer comes to a close, fall still presents many weather hazards for your roof. It’s important to know the state your roof is in before seasonal weather hazards further damage an already strained roof. At Phillip Camerer Roofing, we fix all your roof problems. So, here are three fall weather hazards to your roof that you should be prepared for.

1. Heavy Rain

Transitional seasons in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma often bring rain. While rainfall often trails off in the hottest summer months, that fall tends to bring some heavy rainfall. If you have a leaky roof, this increase in rainfall will cause damage to your roof where it is leaking. Be sure to check your roof for loose shingles and leaky spots frequently.

2. Straight-Line Winds

Often, fall thunderstorms bring straight-line winds. These high winds can be highly destructive to your roof, especially if it is already damaged or aging. These winds in the range of 30-70 mph are usually associated with strong thunderstorms. However, this is not always the case. Missouri experiences non-thunderstorm high winds on average a few times a year. And, as the leaves come off the trees later this fall, there will be fewer windbreaks to protect your roof from these dangerous winds.

3. Tornadoes

As is always the case in Missouri, there is the potential for tornadoes in the fall. Each year Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma have dozens of tornadoes. While a direct hit on your home by a tornado will destroy essentially any roof, old roofs will take damage from nearby tornadoes that would not do significant damage to a healthy roof. Of course, in the awful circumstance that a tornado destroys your roof, Phillip Camerer Roofing is here to help.