Residential Roofing Services

Your roof protects your home, so ensuring it’s in top condition is paramount. One leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage, and multiple leaks can lead to an uninhabitable home. When you need residential roofing services for your most valuable asset, call Phillip Camerer Roofing.

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Unique Residential Roofing Materials

If you want honest advice on your roof before you commit to it or its replacement, contact a local roofer. You want someone who understands the unique challenges your roof faces, such as snow, hurricanes, sunny days, and more.

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Roofing Services for Historic Buildings & Homes

Owning a historic home is fantastic, and even with renovations, there’s still a sense of history. Unfortunately, residential roofing can be challenging on these unique structures. Often, they use materials that are years out of date.

The simple truth is that finding someone with experience working on historic buildings can take significant effort on your part. Many companies claim this experience, but few have it in the specific area you need since all the materials behave differently, like wood and slate.

The other issue for your consideration is whether your building is on a registry of historic spaces. While there is a national version, you may also be on a local one. In addition, these registries often restrict the kinds of exterior changes you can make, like updating your home to modern roofing materials.

When you need a local roofer with the experience to work with your historical residence, give Philip Camerer Roofing a call. Phillip Camerer Roofing has the residential roofing experience you need to respect your historic home

Residential Roof Repair

Roof repair is essential for helping your residential roofing material last as long as it’s supposed to. Without it, there’s one or more weak spots in your roof where moisture can seep through and damage the rest of your home.

Roof repair is vital following a hailstorm, severe weather event, tornado, and more. These events can quickly dislodge shingles and dent metal roofing. More insidious events like ice dams can slowly work the roofing material up. You may not even realize your residential roofing material has taken damage.

A local roofer can provide a comprehensive roof inspection, typically at no charge to you. Allowing a professional in residential roofing to do this check is safer for you, and you know that no area will be overlooked.

Residential Roof Replacement

When the time comes, a roof replacement often a challenging process. First, you need the right local roofer and a plan. Otherwise, the project will drag on, and you will live with the discomfort of the roof replacement for weeks.

It’s best to follow the recommended roof replacement schedule for your residential roofing material. Even if your home’s roof looks good, the materials start weakening over time. At that point, you’re one bad storm from needing an emergency replacement.

If you own an older home, it’s also important to confirm that your chosen local roofer can handle asbestos. While you’re perfectly safe while the asbestos lies undisturbed, a roof replacement requires moving the insulation. An asbestos removal plan for ensuring the toxic particles do not cause health problems is necessary.

Need a residential roofer who can handle any surprises in your roof? Call Phillip Camerer Roofing today for exceptional service you can trust.