Is My Roof Ready for Winter? Winter Roof Checklist


Posted on August 19, 2021 by Phillip Camerer

As the summer comes to a close and days get shorter, now is a great time to consider inspecting your roof. As the fall approaches, the weather will be milder, making it easier to perform any repairs necessary for weatherproofing your roof for winter. Here are some ways to prepare your roof before winter.

1. Check for Leaks

Winter brings snow and ice. And, while you should never let leaks develop in your roof, small leaks can present a much bigger problem in winter. This is because when snow accumulates on your roof and begins to melt, the water does not sheet off quickly like rain. Instead, the existing snowpack acts like a damn, slowing the discharge of water. The pooling of water on your roof exacerbates the leakage problem and can lead to increased water damages.

Learn how to check your roof for leaks with this helpful how-to.

2. Remove Debris

Fall often brings increased debris to your roof. Dead leaves, sticks, and branches from trees can accumulate on your roof, causing interruptions to your roof’s drainage. In the winter, branches and piles of leaves can cause more snow to accumulate on your roof. This can add an unsafe level of weight to your roof and cause structural problems to your roof. Additionally, any extra amount of snow clinging to your roof will make leaking problems worse. It’s always best to sweep your roof free of debris before winter comes.

3. Trim Trees Near Your Roof

In the four-state area, winter often means ice storms. Ice storms threaten your roof by overloading nearby trees and causing limbs to fall. If you have trees around your home, you should perform an inspection of your trees. Any heavy limbs that could fall on your house should be removed. Pay special attention to dead limbs and trees. Sometimes an entire tree is just too much of a risk and should be removed. If you are unsure about the health of your trees, it may help you to contact a professional arborist.

4. Clean Out Your Gutters

Gutters full of dead leaves and debris will not allow water to flow efficiently. Before a winter season, it is always a good idea to break out the latter and clear your gutters. Clogged gutters cause any drainage issues on your roof to be amplified. Remember, the longer water pools on your roof, the more long-term damage it can do.

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