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Property Owners in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas have many different reasons for a roof replacement. Age, tornado, and ice storms are only a few of the top reasons your home may need a new roof or roof repair. Phillip Camerer Roofing delivers exceptional roofing services to our customers in MO, OK, KS, and AR every day of the year.

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Roofing Services in MO, OK, KS, AR

Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas weather is hard on your roof. Due to its location, it’s subject to tornados, hail, extreme storms, flooding, and more. Those disasters add up, along with the blazing sun, to weakening every roof in the city. You do not want your home or business left exposed to the elements, even briefly.

Phillip Camerer Roofing Company offers roofs in the following materials:

  • Tile Shingles

  • Laminated Composition Roofing Material

  • Designer Shingles and Roofing Material

  • TPO Flat Roofing Material

  • Modified Bitumen Commercial Roofing Material

  • Metal Roofing Material


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Phillip Camerer Roofing has been helping people like you for over 20 years. The company prides itself on exceptional customer service and quality roofing services for every building. We’re your local 4 states roofer.