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As a homeowner, you already recognize the value of your home’s appreciation. But to continue to make gains as homeowners, you have to continue to invest and care for your home to reap the financial rewards.In the last two years, home prices have risen nationwide. As a result, many home sellers and home buyers have […]

Tornado season is upon us in the four-state region, and for homeowners and businesses alike, that can mean suffering structural damage to your roof. For anyone who’s experienced a tornado up close and personal, it is very much a traumatic experience.High winds range from as low as 40 miles per hour (mph) to as high […]

From the cost of insulation to the durability of the materials, there are a lot of decisions to be made when looking into repairing or building a new roof. Whether it is roofing shingles or metal, each one has its own style, advantages, and disadvantages. It’s also important to note that certain materials would be […]