Top Three Popular Roofing Upgrades for Homeowners Looking to Sell

Top Three Popular Roofing Upgrades for Homeowners Looking to Sellfeatured image

Posted on May 31, 2022 by Phillip Camerer

As a homeowner, you already recognize the value of your home’s appreciation. But to continue to make gains as homeowners, you have to continue to invest and care for your home to reap the financial rewards.

In the last two years, home prices have risen nationwide. As a result, many home sellers and home buyers have lots to think about when selling or buying a home. One topic of discussion that comes up a lot between buyers and sellers is the roof’s age.

Since many states in the United States have building codes for homes, a thorough home inspector will assess the roof for signs of aging, existing damage, and the presence of leaks. These inspections help homeowners and buyers decide what repairs or upgrades to make before listing the home.

Three Popular Roofing Trends

But in 2022, a roof can hold a lot more value to a home’s list price than most think. Innovation and change in the roofing industry have shifted consumer thinking toward curb appeal, energy efficiency, fire protection, and material durability.

When it comes to decision-making time, homeowners have a lot on their plates. Whether they decide on one or more upgrades or repairs, a roof update needs a comparative assessment. A roofing update should give a homeowner their entire investment back in return.

The three popular roofing trends for this summer are:

  1. Solar Roofs
  2. Cooling Roofs
  3. Mixed Roofing Material

Solar Roofs

One of the hottest trends for homeowners now is energy-efficiency solutions for homes. One of the most common changes in roofing impacts is solar panels that now attach directly to a home’s roof, following the same pitch line.

Although, the latest hype is solar shingles. The most significant benefit is the aesthetics and the higher cost-effectiveness.

But making this upgrade an even more attractive option for homeowners is this roof can move with the homeowner. So, perhaps this little piece of moveable tech will help boost a homeowner’s ability to state “new roof shingles installed.”

“COOL” Roofs

Another popular roofing trend is COOL roofs. Climate change has a long history as a newsworthy topic. Even in the roofing industry, the discussions abound on new roofing solutions to reduce carbon emissions and reduce a carbon footprint. 

That and many other reasons have sparked advancements in the roofing material. While COOL roofs can’t store and convert energy to run your home, they can help to heat and cool a home more efficiently.

The composition of the COOL shingle operates one way by reflecting “thermal emittance, which sheds thermal infrared radiation which reduces urban heating” that asphalt shingles produce. A cooling shingle contains manufactured solar-reflecting granules.

Mixed Roofing Material

The mixed roofing materials are an alternative to solar shingles and COOL roofs. In the last few years, a popular trend in experimenting with roof pitches, color, and texture.

A superb example of a home that mixed roofing works best on are homes with variable roof pitches. For instance, if a home has two steep-pitched zones, some moderately pitched, and even sections of flat roofing, found in many Victorian homes of the early 19th century, a mixed roof can add depth and character and stay current.

Quick Tips for Selecting the Right Roof Upgrade

Here are a few quick tips to reference when it’s time for you to start looking for a new roof.

  1. Assess your timeline to sell your home
  2. Be realistic about the budget
  3. Research roofing alternatives
  4. Schedule an appointment with a roofing professional

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