How Often Does a Roof Need to be Replaced?

Storm damage roof-Phillip Camerer Roofing

Posted on November 10, 2021 by Phillip Camerer

Regardless if the roof is made of metal, slate, clay, or shingles; sometimes a roof goes beyond the point of needing maintenance repairs. While all types of roofing materials have an estimated lifespan, there are ways to increase the longevity and health of your roof. The lifespan of a roof depends on its health and condition, which can have a lot of factors, like normal or rare weather conditions. The key is a regular roof inspection so you know what’s going on up there. Roof inspections can help you prevent exterior damage from creating interior problems as a leaky roof can lead to structural damage.

Starting Inside

A great place to start checking the health of the roof is in the attic. You will want to be on the lookout for any puddles, stains, or even mold as those are sure signs of a leaky roof. Be sure to turn off the lights and check for beams of light shining through the top of the house, if light can get in then water can too. Any rotten or sagging portions of the roofing structure needs to be addressed immediately before they cause more damage.

Inspect the roof for damage

Take a step outside to visually inspect the condition of the roof as there are several signs that it might be time for a replacement. You should check the shingles as they are made to lie flat against the roof, so any shingles that are damaged can develop into more serious problems. High winds may damage shingles by lifting them which may cause the sealant to become loose and possibly expose the nail. The exposed nails can lead to rust which can cause the roof to start leaking. A roof replacement might be needed depending on the number of shingles damaged and nails that are exposed.

Curling shingles are also a bad sign as it usually means there is an issue, which may lead to a bigger problem if not addressed. Shingles can curl due to a lot of reasons, like they were installed incorrectly or they are getting old, but they usually mean that it is time for a roof replacement. Another sign of the shingles getting old and at the end of their useful life is the loss of their granules.

You should also examine the roof for signs of trapped moisture like rotting boards. Note areas that sag or appear unsound particularly around the lowest points in the roof. A sagging roof is something that needs immediate attention before problems create serious damage to your home.

Know the age of the roof 

The best way is to know when the roofing material was installed because this provides an estimate into how much life it possibly has left. If you didn’t install it or if you’re not sure, look over the roof inspection report from when you purchased the house. It will be able to give you an estimated age based on the inspection as well as other paperwork for repairs.  You can also ask Phillip Camerer Roofing, a roofing company, to inspect the roof in order to get an estimate of its age and condition.

Since your neighbors also experience the same weather as yours does, you can also keep an eye on the houses around you. It might be time to do a roof inspection to check the condition of your roof if you notice several neighbors replacing their roof.

Calling on the Professionals

Keeping an eye on your roof and conducting routine inspections can help increase the lifespan of your roof as well as let you know when it is time to replace it before structural damage is done. It is recommended to spot-check your roof for trouble spots twice a year, once in spring and another in fall. You can also contact Phillip Camerer Roofing, a professional roofing contractor, for help inspecting. We can assess the situation and make recommendations for a repair or replacement. Our professional team at Phillip Camerer Roofing is happy to answer any questions.