Advantages of Hiring A TAMKO® Pro Certified Roofing Contractor

Advantages of Hiring A TAMKO® Pro Certified Roofing Contractorfeatured image

Posted on June 9, 2022 by Phillip Camerer

National Roofing Week is a celebration during the first week of June. It’s a time to honor certified roofing contractors like those in the TAMKO Pro Certified Roofers program.

TAMKO, a leading independent manufacturer of residential roofing shingles, is a family-owned business that began in 1944 with more than 75 years of industry experience; in 2011, they launched a Pro Certified Contractor program to help roofing professionals nationwide grow their businesses.

For professional roofing contractors, certification provides an opportunity to offer homeowners advantages beyond just an American-made roofing shingle as long as roofing pros meet all of the following requirements to become certified.

  • Completed TAMKO Certified Contractor Application
  • Fulfilled fee requirements
  • Submit proof of business operating compliance
  • Hold homeowner references
  • Pass TAMKO Certified Contractor test

Homeowner’s Benefit from Hiring a Certified Contractor

When a homeowner begins searching for a contractor for their roofing services, there’s a lot to consider. Is the roofing contractor certified by the roofing manufacturer? Homeowners should always ask to review a portfolio of work on similar roofing projects and check references.

Homeowners should also verify a roofing contractor’s insurance coverages for general liability, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation meet Missouri state minimum coverage requirements of no less than 1 million dollars.

Because homeowners need to advocate for themselves, it’s essential to make sure you sign directly with the commercial roofing contractor. Not a subcontractor that outsources to another roofing contractor.

Most homeowners also recognize the value in the material, so if a roofing contractor has an existing business relationship with a roofing manufacturer, frequently, those contractors will be certified by that same roofing manufacturer.

But many homeowners can feel overwhelmed by the information and research they amass. In addition, the sheer cost of repairing or installing a new roof is a shock to many homeowners.

That’s why homeowners who work with TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors gain the most from TAMKO’s investment in working with certified TAMKO roofers.

Peace of Mind Roofing

By working with a certified TAMKO Pro, homeowners gain the peace of mind that the manufactured roof material originates from a leading U. S. manufacturing facility headquartered in Southwest Missouri.

Enhanced Limited Warranties

In addition, when a homeowner hire’s a Certified Contractor and TAMKO materials are used to build and complete roof repairs or install an entirely new roof, homeowners will receive increased protection through the TAMKO ProShield.

The “exclusive enhanced limited warranties” also include enhanced limited warranties to homeowners at no additional charge for TAMKO WXTShield Enhanced System Warranty.

Finance Option

As an added benefit to homeowners who may be concerned about cost, some TAMKO Pros can now extend a financing option through GreenSky—a Goldman Sachs company—to help homeowners pay off the roofing project in monthly payments.

Hire a TAMKO Roofing Pro

If you need a roofing company that holds a TAMKO Pro roofing certification, contact the team at Phillip Camerer Roofing. Their team of certified roofing pros will complete roof measurements, perform estimates, and even help guide you in selecting from over 50 styles of roofing colors, textures, and compositions. 

As a certified roofing company of the local Joplin, Missouri, roofing manufacturer, TAMKO, Phillip Camerer can extend you and your family an enhanced limited warranty and help get the financing needed for your home improvement or roofing project. Contact Phillip Camerer Roofing to get your roofing project estimate, and financing application started today.