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Protective Roof Coating

Coating extends the life of the roof membrane by protecting it from harmful UV rays that can cause “alligatoring,” as well as reducing heat that causes thermal expansion and contraction. Excessive thermal expansion and contraction can prematurely age the membrane, causing cracks, split seams, and blisters.

To provide energy savings by reducing heat transfer into the building and therefore reducing air-conditioning costs. A dark roof can reach temperatures of over 150°F. A cool roof could drop that temperature by 50°F or more.

To simply add an additional level of protection from leaks.

To improve the appearance of the existing roof by changing it to white or adding a color. This is often done to enhance the appearance of Metal roofs. Phillip Camerer Roofing can help you understand what coating will work best for your roof. Just give us a call.

Roof Coating

Protective Roof Coating

Roof coating is essential for several common types of roofing. In particular, roof coating is a common requirement for commercial roofing, as it often lays flat and may be exposed to lingering moisture.

Roof coating may seem like it’s an extra task that eats into your budget, especially if you’re looking at it for a commercial roofing project. However, a roof coating is necessary to ensure that your low-slope roof does not break down.

For a modified bitumen roof, roof coating prevents the material from drying out too quickly and becoming brittle. The right roof coating can also mean your roof does not absorb as much heat from the sun, which in turn reduces your energy bills.

With a metal roof, roof coating helps maintain the UV-reflective qualities that you considered when investing in that roofing type. Additionally, roof coating offers another protective layer against moisture that may sit on a metal roof.

Choosing the right local contractor can ensure you receive the benefits of roof coating for your commercial or residential roofing project. If you’re unsure, call the experts at Phillip Camerer Roofing today.

The Roof Coating Process

Roof coating starts with choosing the right product. Different options offer different protections, and they all bond differently with roofs. An outstanding local roofer can guide you through the options and explain the relative benefits of each.

Now it’s up to the weather when your roof coating can happen. As with many things in commercial roofing, you need a few dry days for the process. Not only does the roof surface need to be dry for most products, but the coating must also have time to set without rain.

Then a skilled crew will apply the roof coating. While the process may look simple on your roof, there is an art to applying the correct amount in the appropriate thickness. Done correctly, you will end up with a single layer that does its job well.

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