Primary Members of a Roof Truss System

Primary Members of a Roof Truss Systemfeatured image

Posted on February 25, 2023 by Phillip Camerer

As we continue our discussion of roof truss systems, it’s essential to understand each component in the construction of a truss frame. It comprises several members that work together to provide structural support and stability to the roof.

These primary members include the following:

  • Bottom chord
  • Top chord
  • Truss web
  • End posts

Each member is essential in creating a strong and secure roof truss system. By understanding each of these primary members, a builder can ensure that a homeowner’s roof truss can withstand any weather conditions or external forces it may encounter.

If you plan to build a new home or business, you must partner with a licensed architect or structural engineer. These professionals can determine the truss size needed for the space and complete the CAD design with all the specifications for the roofing contractor.

Bottom Chord

The bottom chord of a truss is an integral structural component providing horizontal support. It is responsible as a load-bearing member for the entire truss—distributing it evenly throughout the structure.

By design, the bottom chord ensures no truss member takes on more load than it can bear. That helps keep the truss stable to support the load intended for that truss to handle safely.

Top Chord

The top chord is an essential part of any truss structure. It provides vertical support to a truss system, helping support imposed loads.

The top chord also connects the truss members, allowing them to work together for maximum strength and stability. It is essential to the structural integrity of a truss-built roof.

Roof Webbing

Webbing is a critical element of a modern roof and has a variety of purposes. Its flexibility and strength make it ideal for providing diagonal support in roof construction. Roof webbing reinforces walls, beams, rafters, and other structural components to provide the strength and stability to support the structural load.

It also helps to evenly distribute load weight on these components, which allows the other truss members to withstand greater loads while remaining reliable. The roof webbing provides a cost-effective solution for any roofing project or design.

End Posts

End posts are also an essential component of the structural integrity of a roof. As added stability and support to the entire structure, end posts can withstand various forces and external elements.

Such is the case for end posts made from steel, concrete, or wood. In addition, end posts help increase the lifespan of a roof structure by providing additional protection against natural disasters such as tornadoes, hailstones, and extreme winter cycles.

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