Phillip Camerer is Now Offering Finance Options for Roof Replacements and Repairs

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Posted on October 31, 2022 by Phillip Camerer

Erratic weather is a permanent fixture when living on the North American continent. From seasonal rainfall to winter blizzards, residents in the four states of southwest Missouri to southeast Kansas to northeast Oklahoma are familiar with the radical changes of variable weather conditions.

That means roofs in this region of the United States can take an actual beating yearly. If you have sustained severe weather-related damage not covered by insurance, you may need a new roof.

Either way, finding the funds to pay for that roof can be a real challenge for many homeowners. Gratefully, industry standards are changing, and financial solutions have changed how consumers pay for home repairs, a new roof installation, or even upgrading to solar panels.

How to Pay A Roofing Contractor

Thankfully homeowners in the Quad State Area of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma will now have access to flexible payment plans through a roofing loan. The team at Phillip Camerer Roofing and Arvest Bank have partnered to offer these three areas of specialized financing options to help homeowners gain access to pay for roof repairs or replacement.

  • Home equity loans
  • Arvest credit cards
  • General loans

Home Equity Loans

Homeowners can choose from several types of home equity loans. These loans are popular for homeowners who have built up home equity to help fund home improvement projects, like repairing or replacing a roof. Arvest offers three types of home equity loans:

  • Fixed Home Equity
  • ARM Home Equity
  • Home Equity Line of Credit

Arvest Credit Cards

Another option for homeowners looking for something with greater flexibility is an Arvest credit card. A credit card can be an excellent choice for a homeowner looking for a secure and convenient form of revolving credit to help with roofing finance and also act as a great long-term, flexible spending choice. Arvest Bank offers four credit card options that benefit consumers in many ways.

  • One card option gives you a contactless purchase method in-store
  • The second credit card option offers rewards spending with points earned
  • A third credit card provides a no-annual fee with a low-interest rate
  • The fourth option is for those looking to establish a credit history 

General Loans

One of Arvest Bank’s other options is to select from a list of General Loan types or lines of credit. These loans are also known as unsecured loans or personal loans, meaning borrowers don’t need to offer collateral or may not have a collateral option. Arvest has three types of unsecured loan options.

  • Unsecured loan
  • Unsecured home improvement loan
  • A personal line of credit 

Arvest Online Tool Can Help You Decide

If you can’t decide which option suits your financial situation, Arvest offers a helpful online tool to help you determine what loan will work best.

Reliable Roofing Installation for Your Home

If you need roof repairs or a new roof installation, contact the Phillip Camerer Roofing team by calling (417) 451-5479 today! They will schedule an in-home consultation and get you a free estimate so you can get started with your loan application at Arvest Bank.