Part Two of Our Series: Skylight Pros and Cons vs. Roofing Light Tubes

Part Two of Our Series on the Pros and Cons of Skylights vs. Roofing Light Tubesfeatured image

Posted on March 31, 2023 by Phillip Camerer

Skylights are a great addition to any home or business, thanks to the natural light that gets let into a confined or dark space. But there’s more to a skylight than just added light. In today’s blog, we’ll cover skylight pros and cons today in our series comparison from earlier this week against roofing light tubes.

Pros of Skylights

Skylights are an aesthetically pleasing choice for any home or business. But skylights come with as many Pros as light tubes, depending on your desires.

  • Alternative light source
  • Design effect
  • Energy savings
  • More daylight in a day

Alternative Light Sources

Skylights provide an extra dimension of light sourcing for any home or business, allowing owners to customize the size, shape, and roof placement depending on the local climate. Furthermore, there are countless ways of styling skylights to filter light or even let in the fresh air.

As an alternative light source, skylights allow natural sunlight to help a room stay warm. In addition, skylight designs can capture early morning light while avoiding peak afternoon sunlight, which might make the space too hot. Some skylights even come with UV coatings to prevent exposure to harmful UV rays.

Design Effect

The shape of a skylight can be the perfect addition to any space as a subtle touch or main focal point in a room. The versatility of skylights has given many architectures a way to access natural light for stairways, attics, bathrooms, and even walk-in closets. As a bonus, a skylight can bring dramatic lighting and height to a space that might feel cramped or claustrophobic.

Energy Savings

Another pro for skylights is there’s no need to use electricity or artificial light. Moreover, during those colder months, skylights have a solar effect that can warm up a space and reduce the amount of time a furnace runs during the day, which can reduce the amount paid on your electric bill each month.

More Daylight in a Day

Skylights can give your home the extra dose of brightness and cheer it needs to extinguish seasonal affect disorder that some people suffer from. Installing just one skylight will let natural sunlight flood in from above throughout the winter season when days are shorter, and the sun is lower on the horizon.

Cons of Skylights

When considering skylights for your home or business, it’s good to keep in mind a few possible drawbacks, such as:

  • Cleaning Troubles
  • Heat Loss
  • Installation Issues

Cleaning Troubles

Cleaning skylights has its challenges, especially during traditional springtime cleaning. Not only is it hard to do, but it also could be hazardous for your safety. Therefore, if you’re not eager to clean all the windows in your house, you should think twice before installing a skylight.

To avoid frequent skylight cleanings, choose an installation location wisely, such as avoiding areas that are less likely to cover the skylight with debris, like falling leaves or broken-off stems. From inside your home, you can purchase window extensions that will reach up to the skylight and clear away any cobwebs.

Heat Loss

During those winter months, skylights are also prone to heat loss in the overnight hours. Because heat is also lost through glass easier than through insulation, this con is essential for homeowners or businesses trying to conserve energy.

To increase energy efficiency, consider thermally-broken skylights instead. A skylight with thermally-broken hardware trim is insulated for maximum efficiency to create a barrier between the inside and outside environment.

Installation Issues

An improperly installed skylight can lead to severe issues such as moisture buildup and leakage. It does not just affect the area beneath the skylight but can spread to other sections of the roof which were initially dry.

Even a tiny leak can cause significant problems, so addressing any issues before it’s too late is essential. To neglect, even the most minor leak could lead to expensive roof repairs. For these reasons alone, it’s best to hire a roofing professional to complete the installation.

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