How to Hire A Roofing Contractor Amid Inflation

How to Hire A Roofing Contractor Amid Inflationfeatured image

Posted on July 25, 2022 by Phillip Camerer

It’s been over two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and economies around the globe have felt the impact of the pandemic. Leaving no one and no industry untouched by the wake left behind by this passing pandemic.

The construction industry suffered greatly from the supply chain issues that left a booming housing market struggling to keep up with the shift tides of people moving cross country. Another industry that is often closely related to construction is roofing. 

Lumber Costs

Although in the past year, lumber costs have dropped down to nearly 22%, in April and May, prices began to tick upward again to almost 3%. Adding to this daunting process is the rising cost of living associated with inflation. Finding good labor is another problem against a bleak backdrop to the economy.

Labor Issues

The National Center for Construction Education and Research reported that “the construction industry still has difficulty locating and hiring skilled labor workers.” However, local small businesses have been scrambling to figure out how to keep and hold onto staff.

Impacts on Homeowners

So where does that leave you needing roof repairs or replacement? How can you hire a roofing contractor amid inflation? COVID-19 put a significant strain on us all. Even now, on the brink of another global health concern—Monkeypox—what can you do?

Financial Solutions

One local roofing contractor, Phillip Camerer Roofing, has the most straightforward solution to help ease the financial pressures so many four states homeowners have been facing this past year. For them, it seemed simple to offer homeowners a financial solution.

In the next few months, Phillip Camerer will begin offering homeowners the means to hire a skilled roofing contractor without all the upfront cost requirements. In addition, homeowners across the four states region of southwest Missouri will have the capability to apply for financing to help cover the cost of their roof repairs or replacement.

Keep watching Phillip Camerer’s blog for updates on this new finance option coming to homeowners in the next few months. If you want to learn more, contact the team at Phillip Camerer Roofing at (417) 451-4-5479 and worry-free get a head start on your roofing project!