Our Jasper County Courthouse Renovation Project

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Posted on December 15, 2021 by Phillip Camerer

The Jasper County Courthouse is a revered symbol of historic pride throughout the region. Just like all historic buildings, it needed a little bit of attention and protective care along with some expansions. Renovations were needed not just to the interiors, but also to the roof in order to preserve the critical historic integrity of the building for years to come.

The local roofing veteran Phillip Camerer of Phillip Camerer Roofing was tasked with updating the roofing system that would withstand the wear of intense weather for many more years to come. In order to complete this project, we not only made sure to protect the integrity of the building but also use roofing materials that have the historically-correct aesthetic to blend with the rest of the historic building.

The Jasper County Courthouse Project’s Unique Challenges and Demands 

One of the many unique challenges that Phillip Camerer Roofing faced was finding the right shingle for the job. The shingles needed to match the historically-correct aesthetic of the building while providing protection without any gaps and produce a contrast against the rest of the structure.

Turrets Shingles

We partnered up with TAMKO to take on the challenge of Jasper County Courthouse and decided on the patented TAMKO Heritage Woodgate shingle tabs as they meet all of these requirements. This shingle is designed to match the historic era style while offering modern level of protection. Heritage Woodgate shingle also has specific features that allow the shingle to be molded and manipulated around the radius of unique curves and high points of the turrets without creating gaps. The black sage color choice along with the random-cut sawtooth design as an interesting and functional feature, created a pleasing aesthetic as the shingles blended with each other seamlessly to create attractive contrast to the stone exterior.

Asbestos Removal

Another challenge was uncovered as asbestos was discovered just beneath the surface. Although asbestos is very dangerous to handle, Phillip Camerer Roofing is certified in asbestos removal. Our professionally trained teams are specifically certified to remove and dispose of asbestos safely while containing the area to prevent the spread of any fibers from the asbestos.

Safety and Protection

The most important challenge was careful navigation around the landscape of the roof to make sure the building was not damaged during the roofing renovation process. We had to carefully move cranes around the turrets, protect the building from the elements while removing the roof, as well as protect ourselves against high winds as we completed the project. Safety was the highest factor to consider in this project, as we finished the roof safely and on time while providing the highest quality of work.

Watch: Phillip Camerer Roofing Project for Jasper County Courthouse

Phillip Camerer Roofing

Thanks to years of experience and our professional team members, we provided a premier product at a reasonable price while keeping to the historically accurate aesthetic of the building.
We are delighted and pleased that we had the opportunity to be able to enhance the protection of the beloved courthouse and present to the community members a magnificent roof to preserve this captivating structure for many more years. If you also have a roof with a unique landscape that would be a challenge to reroof, reach out to us! Phillip Camerer Roofing has professional teams with years of experience and we would love to help protect your home or business – no matter the challenge.